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MMCleaning understands that maintaining a clean faculty conveys professionalism and excellence for your business, so we dedicate our time to train our team's best methods to keep your workplace clean and neat by paying attention to all details that give your clients a great experience whenever they visit your offices.

MMCleaning offers a variety of services like complete commercial janitorial services and staffing solutions for all types of facilities such as commercial, educational, or event venues. Our Janitorial Services is a trusted, affordable and efficient way to keep your building shining bright day after day with consistency and reliability.

We maintain a facility on a full-time basis by providing you with Professional janitorial services include. We include daily services such as dusting and vacuuming and more advanced functions, including deep cleaning, ventilation system cleaning, and more.

Our Commercial janitorial services combine experience and technology in providing the highest quality people and professional services.

Our expert team understands how to clean your building and what tools and products to use. We bring all our equipment and products, so you do not worry about storage or supply. Of course, if you have any specific cleaning products, you would like us to use, that is no problem.


Specialty Services

We also offer specialized cleaning services based on the specifics of your facility. If your office has many computers, You might be interested in our intricate computer and keyboard cleaning and sanitization services. Just let us know what specific concerns you have, and we’ll tell you what solutions are available. With decades of experience, there’s nothing we can’t handle.

Comprehensive Services

Almost every location wants some version of the basics. This includes dusting, surface cleaning, window washing and upholstery care. Aside from daily services, we also provide more comprehensive services such as duct cleaning, floor waxing, drain cleaning and more. The specifics will depend on your needs but generally, these more complicated services are performed weekly,

bi-weekly or monthly.

Floor Services

With over 25 years of experience, We understand the specialized knowledge and equipment Floor cleaning requires. We know how to clean and maintain any flooring safely. You can trust us to properly care for carpet, hardwood, laminate floors, tile and grout, and more. The combination of daily maintenance and more involved deep cleans also applies to Floor Care. Our team will be available to take care of your property on day to day basis. 

Green Cleaning

MMCleaning supports nationwide efforts for a healthier, more environmentally-friendly world. For many professional cleaning companies, green cleaning is just another trend, one requiring some different products labeled “natural.” Our green cleaning service is an extension of what we already do on a daily basis—safeguard families.

Event Cleaning

We are ready and willing to fulfill your special requests.

No matter what your unique situation might be, you can trust

 our service that helps you bring your facility up to par with your expectations.

Cleaning Supplies

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